Japan Connections

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When people find out we are going to Japan it is always amazing the various connections people have to Japan.  Within our own church the organist, Kae, actually grew up in Japan and attended Japanese school.  Kae’s parents were missionaries and she has a huge heart for the Japanese and for the Japanese to know Christ as their Savior.  This past summer she was able to visit one of her brothers who still lives and works in Japan.

This weekend we were very grateful that Kae invited us to join with some of her friends and talk about our future ministry in Japan.  It was especially interesting to hear more about her experiences in Japan and the work she has witnessed overtime.

The brunch was a wonderful time and we are thankful to Kae for her hospitality.  It was neat for us to see someone so excited about ministering to the Japanese people and her burden/love for this nation!

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