The Spiritual Need in Japan

  • Less than 1% of Japanese profess Evangelical Christianity, categorizing them as an unreached people group
  • There is one church for every 16,000 people in Japan; in Nagoya there is one church for every 26,000 people
  • Cultural pressures led to over 27,000 suicides in 2013 and continue to increase depression rates

The Nagoya Team

“Equipping Japanese to Reach the World.”

History of the Nagoya Team

The Nagoya team was started in 1987 when the Japan Presbyterian Church helped lead the Nagoya team to its present location in an urban area on the east side of Nagoya. Two church plants were started within a few years under the leadership of MTW missionary, Bruce Young. In 1995, MTW missionary Wayne Newsome became the team leader, and since that time two more church plants and an international school have been started.

In May 2008 the Nagoya team divided into two separate teams.  The teams now are divided in the the Church Planting team, led by Wayne Newsome, and the Theological Education team, led by Brett Rayl, formally Michael Oh.

Overview of Current Ministries in Nagoya

  • Two church plants with team involvement in three area PCJ churches, one international church  and one house church. (Two of the three PCJ churches are led by nationals and self sustaining)
  • Vision to start work on two church plants in the next 2 years and potentially a total of 4 church plants in the next 5 years.
  • Various evangelistic ministries including small group Bible studies, English classes, Mom and Kid’s club, cooking classes and ministry to college students
  • Short-term mission trips
  • International Christian Academy of Nagoya (ICAN) – Currently there are around 130 kids from preschool thru high school who are mostly Japanese.
  • Two area choir groups of 70+ people (including 15 or so Christians) led by Tom and Teresa Wilson and a newly started Boy’s Choir for elementary aged boys.
  • Seminary for training and equipping national leaders led by the Nagoya Theological Training Team


Current Missionaries on the Nagoya, Japan Church-Planting Team

Team Photo
Missionaries Currently Itinerating to Join Nagoya, Japan Church-Planting Team