• Nagoya, Japan
    Nagoya, Japan

    Prayerfully producing: self sustaining; self governing; self propagating churches in Nagoya City.

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Fall means apple season in Japan. Our family loves fruit but it is cost prohibitive in Japan. (An apple can easily be about $2 per apple.) A member of our church has family... READ MORE

Sweet Potatoes

Today was a national holiday and so we went with our Pastor’s family to a neighboring church’s elder’s land. (That’s a mouth full!) He let us pick a bunch of the sweet potatoes... READ MORE

Sport’s Day

This past Saturday was our kid’s Sport’s Day. ┬áThis is a really big deal in Japan where the Pre-School/Kindergarten schools all have Sport’s Days in the Fall. ┬áThe elementary schools hold their Sport’s... READ MORE

Cooking Class

We had our first cooking class in the new location near our target church planting area. We had a great time and the new location was perfect. Pray for these women and if... READ MORE