• Nagoya, Japan
    Nagoya, Japan

    Prayerfully producing: self sustaining; self governing; self propagating churches in Nagoya City.

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Cooking Class

We had our first cooking class in the new location near our target church planting area. We had a great time and the new location was perfect. Pray for these women and if... READ MORE

English BBQ

Every year we do an English BBQ for our kids and students. This year we were able to have the BBQ at the local park. Since you can’t technically BBQ at this park... READ MORE

Kyuushuu Kumamoto Earthquake Update

We are safe and did not feel any of the earthquakes from Southern Japan.  MTW is accessing the situation and is partnering with local Presbyterian Churches on collecting supplies and sending an initial team Monday. ... READ MORE

Cherry Blossoms

The cherry blossoms are so beautiful and such a gift. Today we rejoice over creation and Praise God that we had the opportunity to witness such beauty. READ MORE