Nagoya, Japan

  • Pray for the growth of Christianity to continue in Nagoya
  • Pray for national leaders to rise up and lead within the Church
  • Pray for two churches to be planted in the next five years within Nagoya and surrounding areas
  • Pray the Japanese would be equipped to reach other Asian Nations

The Nagoya Church-Planting Team

  • Pray for the Wilson’s and Bakelaar’s as they are on Home Ministry Assignment until Summer 2019.  Pray for Diane as she was hospitalized for various illnesses and the recovery ahead of her. Pray for the Wilson’s as they are trying to navigate kid’s education upon their return to Japan.
  • Pray for the Higashiyama Grace Community.  This is a new church planting work by our team in eastern Nagoya close to Nagakute.  The launch team is the Yoshimuras, Burns and Darlene.  Pray as they start their second year and for wisdom and vision for this next year.
  • Pray for the Newsome Family as they are headed back to America for HMA starting this summer.  Pray for someone to be able to step in and help fulfill team leader roles and a Japanese take over the responsibilities of head Pastor at Nisshin Church.

The Carters – March/April 2019

  • Praise Reports
    • After having our home on the market for less than a month we have a contract and are set to close March 28.  Our long term renter was also able to find a new place, we’ve been able to arrange for repairs, and we were able to get down to Osaka for some documents to be notarized! We are thankful for all the help we have received to make this all possible.  Pray for a smooth closing this week.
    • The kids all ended the school year strong.  Maddie had a great first year of school, but the reality of Elisabeth going off to elementary school is hitting her quite hard.  Elisabeth graduated from  Kindergarten and is gearing up for elementary school. Tobin had his best year yet in school and we are thankful for such a great teacher.  We are thankful our kids love Japanese school and thankful for the willingness to work hard at home on English! Pray as Tobin and Elisabeth transition to new schools in April. 
    • Praise God for another successful year of English.  Our program, adult and kids, continues to grow along with each each participants knowledge of the Bible.  We are so thankful for our intern who does such a great job of sharing the Gospel week in and out at our kid’s program.  Pray as we gear up for a new year in April and the new program we are creating at the new ministry center.
    • Baby #4 is healthy and active.  Every time Cathalain goes to the doctor the sonogram specialist always comments about how much this baby moves.  Cathalain is doing fairly well all things considered and was excited this baby seems to be on the “smaller” side for our family.
    • Praise God the details for my new position at Kinjo High School are working out.  Pray as I start in April and all the details that still need worked out.
    • Praise God for the generosity of a church in America who raised support to cover all the expenses for our children’s ministry in the new ministry center.  We are so grateful for all the financial support our ministry receives every month.
    • Praise God Cathalain’s parents arrived in time for Spring Break.  Our kids can’t get enough play time and it helps Cathalain so much to have support.  My parents are coming at the end of April and then Cathalain’s parents are actually coming back towards the end of May.  We are so thankful for such sacrificial parents.  Pray for the two weeks in April between parents!  There is a lot going on, but we are thankful our church is already trying to figure out how to support us during this time.

    Prayer Requests

    • Pray for wisdom as we meet with the contractor for the ministry center.
    • Pray for God’s timing in our move, the arrival of our fourth child, etc. 
    • Pray as we have applied for a grant for the final funding of the ministry center.  (Approximately $15,000)  This would cover the remaining portion of the renovation and equipment we need for move in. We should hear back sometime in April.
    • Pray as I transition to working part time at Kinjo High School.  I am excited about the relationships I will build, but nervous as although classes start in April I haven’t received a calendar or the curriculum I will be teaching.  This is par for the course, but pray in the next week all these details would be worked out.
    • Pray amidst the craziness of Spring/End of the Year break Cathalain and I could take advantage of her parents being here and get some time together.  It’s hard especially for Cathalain to rest, physically and mentally, with everything going on.  Please pray for times of rest.
    • Pray as Cathalain’s grandmother passed away a few weeks ago.  It was hard for Cathalain to be unable to travel back for the funeral, but the doctor was adamant.  Pray as her mom, aunt, uncle and the rest of the family continue to grieve.
Prayer Team