Nagoya, Japan

  • Pray for the growth of Christianity to continue in Nagoya
  • Pray for national leaders to rise up and lead within the Church
  • Pray for three churches to be planted in the next five years within Nagoya and surrounding areas
  • Pray the Japanese would be equipped to reach other Asian Nations

The Nagoya Church-Planting Team

  • Pray for Peter Bakelaar as he has been preparing his one man art showing in downtown Nagoya. Pray many would come and for it to generate many conversations with those who attend.
  • Pray for the MTW ladies in the Nagoya Area as they will be gathering together for a time of fellowship . Pray this could be a regular happening!
  • Pray for the Jensen’s as they continue their language study. Japanese is such a difficult language but essential for church planting.
  • Pray for education options in Nagoya for our Missionary Kids. Our field is considering starting another school. Pray for wisdom and insight as we vision and pray about the future of education in Nagoya. We have over 45+ MKs with 35 or so Pre-School and under.

The Carters – October 2017

  • Pray for peace throughout the world. Pray for our world leaders as decisions are being made concerning North Korea. Pray for the North Koreans and Kim Jung-un.
  • Pray for Cathalain as she balances ministry, family and MTW responsibilities. Pray for wisdom in how she should be best using her time.
  • Prayer for my sermon preparation time. Pray I would be faithful to presenting Christ in the text, for my translation and the time it takes to translate, and for my Japanese tutor who helps check and teach me how to write more naturally.
  • Pray as Cathalain is meeting with a speech therapist she found in Nagoya. (There is one!) We are a little concerned with Elisabeth’s annunciation and would like a professional evaluation. Pray for E to be cooperative and for a clear diagnosis.
  • Pray for the upcoming MTW Global Mission Conference. ( Over 2,000 will gather to hear what is going on throughout the world in missions. Consider going yourself!
  • Pray for the upcoming CPI Conference (see calendar) where over 600+ involved in ministry in Japan plan to gather to hear God’s Word, train to be better at church planting, and fellowship with one another. (
Prayer Team