Setting up House

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We are very pleased with our new home.  As with any adjustments we are still trying to settle so we made our traditional trips to Costco and Ikea.  Thank goodness we have a mini van this time around!  (Do you … Continued

Japan’s State of Missions

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This is an excellent infographic on the state of missions in Japan.  We are hoping to compare this information with our own agency’s stats, MTW, when we return to the field. For the complete article link here.

Aging Population

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Time and again we have read articles in the newspaper about Japan’s aging population. The Wall Street Journal has put together some interesting pieces on this topic. A friend passed along this link which we thought we should share. TOKYO—At … Continued

Christmas and KFC

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We were reminded by a friend of this popular tradition at Christmas time in Japan. It’s really interesting to us considering Americans don’t tend to be too crazy about KFC!

Sharing the Vision

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Recently a mixed group from America and Australia recently visited to experience the various MTW fields in Japan. Although we are in the States, using a translator, Pastor Aoki was able to share the vision of the Sakae Church Plant. … Continued


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Last Saturday I went before Presbytery and I am excited to announce I have been approved for ordination. This opens a new chapter in our ministry and will greatly assist me as I minister to the Japanese. There will be … Continued